Middle Finger Emoji- Copy and Paste Middle Finger Emoji on Android, iPhone and Facebook

Middle Finger Emoji – Every thing you want to know

Amongst the “cool” features which are added as part of innovation, middle finger emoji is yet another “interesting” and “daring” feature to find its place. For years, emoji has been used to express the feeling subtly.Emoji or emoticons have always been an integral part of the social media platform and application. You will find tons of emojis and cartoons in popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Hi5 and many other. On the other hand, they have also been integrated in the app like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and many more. They got so popular that they have got a special treatment in the OS as well. The craze of the same is certainly sky high as with iOS 9.1 update, it is going to witness various new emojis and not forget to mention “middle finger” as well.

There is a thin line when it comes to the use of middle finger emoji. However, friends and family members use it freely. Previously, middle finger was considered as a sign of disagreement but now it has became a regular part of the chat. No wonder in future if you get middle finger emoji along with Facebook like button (just kidding).

History of Middle Finger Emoji

Following post helps you to understand the real story behind the Middle finger as it found a different place which reflects on its craze and success in due course as well.

Emoji is a Japanese word which relates to picture (e), writing (mo) and charater (ji). The picture symbols locally found special place within the country and popularity right after its origination in the year 1999.

Different mobile companies have their own set of emojis and in order to streamline the process towards ensuring a uniformity, an international group namely ,Unicode Consortium was set up which prepared unicode directory of symbols along with the usage of language and currency symbols.

In 2007, emoji find a place in Unicode with a total of 722 characters added in 2009. While viewing emoji, you can get a sneak peak or I should say sense of Japanese culture and tradition as well.

Although, most operating systems have emojis and you can see them through the way they support. You need to download an emoji keyboard app for typing them though. The best thing is that while upgrading to iOS, you don’t have to update emoji with new software as thanks to Unicode’s process, they will be added on their own. New symbols are added and the committee welcomes any symbols like whatever images you want to add which can best be expressed. You can submit them. However, in the event if any symbol is added, it will also take its own time for it final acceptable universally.

Problem of compatibility

There is still a decision going to be taken by renowned competitors such as Apple including other vendors whether the images will be shown in black and white or it will be shown in color in the keyboard or even don’t support them. This is the issue which is best looked by operating systems in terms of the things which they are actually going to support. Everyone comes up with their own set of rules and regulations.

Middle Finger Emoji

Following are the different places to get emoji

  • For Fireofox, Facebook, Android, iphone, you just need to download the Emoji app in order to get facilitated with the “teasing” symbols
  • iOS 9 already have
  • As a WhatsApp user, you will have this inbuilt facility too

In order to send the emoji characters, all you have to do is to simply copy and paste it, and you are done.

Finally, the aforesaid post relates to the wonderful innovation work done of late as how the symbols can bring a style of their own. The craze is indeed quite welcoming and it has obviously uplifted the “interest” level amongst one and all as well.

How to Use Middle Finger Emoji (Copy and Paste)?

Using a middle finger emoji is a tricky part. We will cover some of the best medium where you can use the middle finger emoji. Following is the approved Unicode 7.0 rude finger symbol that you can use by copy pasting. This is a universal code. Middle finger emoji copy and paste is required in order to use it. You can copy this and paste on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google Hangout (formerly Gtalk) and any other platform you want.

It can be used on any device and any platform. Let’s explore some more places where you can use middle finger or rude emoji. The middle finger emoji looks different on different platform. Here is how it looks on different platform.

Use Middle Finger Emoji on Whatsapp

Whatsapp has been a favorite smartphone app of all time. Luckily, the middle finder is in-built by them. You can it through the emoji options available in the app itself. Let’s explore it

Step 1: Open Whatsapp and open a contact whom you wish to send middle finger emoticon. Click on the 2nd option as shown in the screenshot and scroll down to half way. You will see a middle finger emoji as show below.

middle finger emoji


Step 2: Whatsapp gives you 6 different color options to choose from as show in 2. screenshot above. Select any of the middle finger icon and you will something like below

middle finger emoticon


That’s it! You will see a middle finger emoji being sent to your contact. Make sure to send it to someone you know otherwise things will be pretty messed up.

Use Middle Finger Emoji on Google Hangout

You can copy-paste Middle finger emoji on Google hangout or Gtalk from the universal (Unicode 7.0) given at the top of this section. It will look similar as show in the below screenshot. For ease of use, we are providing the same again.


google hangout middle finger emoji copy-paste

Use Middle Finger Emoji on Facebook

Previously, middle finger emoji were working in a chat with [[midfing]] [[faqyou123]] codes. Unfortunately, it no longer seems to be working well. However, there is a simple method to use middle finger emoji on Facebook. Follow the steps given below to achieve the same.

  1. Copy paste this URL: http://middlefingeremoji.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/emoji-new.png
  2. Click on camera camera icon icon
  3. Paste the above URL in the text field and it is done

It should look something like below.

Facebook middle finger emoji


Note: Basically, you are uploading an image or smiley to show the middle finger on Facebook.

Use Middle Finger Emoji on Android

There are plenty of easy ways to use the emoji on Android device. Already there are plenty of apps available in the Google play store that lets you send middle finger emoji on Android. On Unicode 7.0, 8.0 supported version, you can copy and paste the universal code given before. Once again, copy-paste the below code and send it to anyone you want

Besides that you can also give a try to following Google play store apps.

  1. Middle finger app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jaycolbar.uae.mfef&hl=en
  2. Emoji keyboard: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=emoji.keyboard.emoticonkeyboard

Use Middle Finger Emoji on iOS 9.0+ (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

iOS users are very lucky as the new iOS 9 version has integrated hundreds of Unicode 7.0 and 8.0 emoji right into the system that includes highly coveted middle finger emoji as well. It should not take much time for this. The emoji loos something like below.

middle finger emoji for ios

In a near future, we will be covering more platforms. If you are having trouble, then do let us know the comment section below.